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Wake Up Weekend K'Gari Paradise Fraser Island Sunrise

Kalyan Darshan & Amanda Wonderland

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Wake Up Weekend

Wake Up Weekend


Wake Up Weekend Radical Transformation and Healing for Manifestation.

K'Gari, Australia

Upcoming Destination: Fraser Island

Trans. paradise

Imagine what you could discover, manifest, and become if you spent a weekend away on the Australian Island called K'Gari



Wake Up Weekend - Destination K'Gari - Great Sandy Straits, Qld Australia

Refreshing your Spirit

Come on an expansive journey with us to the largest sand island in the world, receive sacred sound healings, enjoy soul-soothing sisterhood, and be reminded of the truth of your magnificence.

Releasing Emotional Wounds

Using Yoga, EFT, and meditation, we have created a safe container for you to discover the subconscious roots of your limiting beliefs and move the energy out of your mind-body, allowing you to finally attract everything you’ve ever wanted.

Rewiring your Brain

Our groundbreaking, evidence-based tools will enable you to permanently retrain your neural pathways to be more aligned with the most radiant, fulfilled, and loving version of Yourself. 

Reclaiming your Power

By blending Spirituality and Psychology, we have designed a formula for honoring your inner child and quieting your inner critic. This frees up energy for you to fully exercise your Divine power and manifest the life of your dreams.

Reframing your World

As Max Planck said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” As you enjoy the ferry ride back to the mainland and back into your life, you’ll feel more equipped and empowered to embrace your Whole and Worthy Self and the Abundant Life you Deserve.

You want to be in the Flow of Abundance and your affirmations and manifestation tools are not delivering results. 


This journey is for you...


Our Next Retreat


Our Next Retreat
Wake Up Weekend Women's Wellness Retreat - K'Gari (Fraser Island)
Wake Up Weekend Women's Wellness Retreat - K'Gari (Fraser Island)
Nov 19, 2022, 1:00 PM GMT+10 – Nov 22, 2022, 10:00 AM GMT+10
Fraser Island Oceanfront Retreat,
Fraser Island, Fraser Island (K'gari) QLD 4581, Australia
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