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Splash of Water

Meet Amanda Wonderland

Amanda Wonderland’s life was an emotional roller coaster, and she was desperate to get off the ride. She’d been in talk therapy since she was six, had become a self-help junkie, and still constantly felt highjacked by her emotions. Nothing seemed to be working, and she was at her wit’s end. In a last-ditch effort to heal childhood trauma, addiction, chronic pain, and dysfunctional relationship dynamics, she started tapping. Though it seemed odd at first, she stayed consistent and began to implement it daily.

In a very short amount of time, she realized that she had been asleep at the wheel, and her subconscious had been running the show. Using her favorite tools combined with tapping, she began to reprogram her subconscious operating system. She unblocked her limiting beliefs and replaced them with a powerful and authentic belief in herself. She also began instilling healthy habits in alignment with the person she wanted to create. By first changing her thoughts and emotions, and then modifying her behavior, she was finally able to tap into her highest potential. EFT made the entire process much more rapid and long-lasting.

Amanda is a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, Mentor, and Trainer, as well as a Yoga Instructor who facilitates transformation for others as they remember their wholeness and worthiness. She is passionate about helping people get out of their own way and step into their power.

She has designed a unique path to emotional freedom, practicing a combination of tapping, breathwork, yoga & somatic therapies, and mindfulness meditation. She creates a holistic experience of strengthening, stretching, and soothing - for both the body and the mind; and she teaches it in her sessions with individuals,

her workshops at transformational festivals, her Practitioner Mastery Mentorship,

and her Personal Peace Retreats.  

She is on a mission to empower humanity to break through self-doubt and expand into their bright and radiant selves. She serves as a soft place to land when her clients are ready to do the deep work of healing, and then serves as motivator and support system when they are ready to blossom. 

She now sees her traumas as the gifts that propelled her into bringing her unique contributions into the world. She invites you to join her in raising the collective vibration of humanity through the gift of Emotional Freedom. 

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Education and Training

  • B.A. in Women & Gender Studies/History, University of Texas at Austin

  • 500 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor, Sunstone Academy 

  • Clinical EFT Tapping Practitioner, EFT Universe

  • Energy Psychology Practitioner, EFT Universe

  • Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, The Embody Lab

  • Working with Core Beliefs of "Never Good Enough", National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM)

  • Mentor & Trainer, EFT Universe

  • Ancestral Healing and EFT, Mirjam Paninski

  • EFT for Trauma, Jackie Viramontez

  • Inherited Trauma and Shadow Healing, Jackie Viramontez

  • Heal Your Inner Child, Jackie Viramontez

Connect with Amanda

I love connecting and collaborating with new friends and fellow seekers. 

Feel free to reach out, for anything, anytime. 

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