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How EFT Tapping Changed My Life

My name is Amanda Wonderland, and I was a self-help-aholic.

Are you a self-help junkie?
Self-Help Books

I purchased countless programs, courses, and books, all in the hopes of making myself the most healed and whole person I could be.

I was obsessed with it!

Every day felt like a mad rush to be better than the last, and I began to feel like a ticking time bomb. In the same way that someone may reach for a cigarette or any other highly addictive substance, I would reach for the next thing I thought might rescue me from myself.

I had been through my fair share of early childhood trauma in the form of neglect, abuse, and abandonment, and I was still dealing (poorly) with the early losses of both my brother and my mother.

I was 13 when my 17 year old brother died of Muscular Dystrophy, and my mother died of cancer at 49 when I was 25 years old.

I had some serious trust and abandonment issues, and I was terrified of dying at a young age before I was able to really express my unique gifts and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

It felt like a constant fire burning under my butt that never allowed me to relax and just chill out. It was an obsessive and constant quest for healing and transformation.

Do you feel a fire under your butt to reach your highest potential?
Fire Under My Butt

I had learned about The Secret decades ago and I was genuinely excited by Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction.

  • I recited all the affirmations daily. My bathroom mirror was covered with them.

  • I printed paper checks for thousands of dollars and taped them all over my apartment.

  • My friend worked at a printing company, and I even had him print up a giant version of my dream home’s floor-plan so that I could stick it onto the ceiling above my bed. I could go to sleep and wake up visualizing myself walking around the house, going about my chores, and enjoying my life of ease and luxury.

I was DOING THE WORK! Or so I thought.


*The Secret Behind The Secret*

I had NO IDEA that the subconscious mind has to align with the conscious desires for the dreams to manifest.

It took me FOREVER to learn this.

Once I finally discovered this fundamental truth, I began to learn about :


(the study of the brain as it relates to thoughts, emotions, and behavior)



(the brain's ability to change both structure and function in response to a new experience).

I was fascinated by our ability to retrain our neural pathways (our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND) to support more of our chosen beliefs and behaviors, and I was foaming at the mouth to figure out HOW. I bought all the programs and followed all the instructions to the letter.




I implemented diet and lifestyle changes, became a certified yoga instructor, set a bunch of failed goals, attended many therapy sessions, journaled thousands of pages, and jumped on all the newest discoveries in personal development and abundance manifestation.

Nevertheless, I could not seem to snap out of my limited and negative thinking, and I kept attracting into my life the same people and circumstances. I knew what was wrong in my head, but I couldn’t seem to follow through with changing my behavior.

Are you at your wit's end?
I Was So Stressed

I was at my wit’s end with myself, and it’s not exactly like I could leave the relationship. I was stuck with Amanda, and I was desperate for some relief from my patterns, addictions, chronic pain, maladaptive emotions, and dysfunctional relationship dynamics. I also had a seriously mean inner critic to deal with every waking hour.

On a whim, I purchased a few books on EFT Tapping. It was super quirky, and I didn’t really take it seriously at first. Even so, I added it to my meditation and journaling practice and began to focus my intention on relieving the searing and incessant back pain I had been experiencing for the past 2 years.

I had nothing to lose, so I figured “Why Not?”

Within a few weeks of consistent daily tapping, I was absolutely shocked to find that my back was feeling much better, and I also noticed that I felt lighter and a bit more hopeful.

What in the heck was this tapping sorcery?!

My back pain had been my primary focus for so very long. It was the first thing on my mind every morning and the last thing on my mind before sleep…oh, and also every moment in between.

Are you suffering from chronic pain or dis-ease?
The Body and Mind are One

I had every possible device for stretching and pain relief, and I was terrified that I’d spend the rest of my life hindered by my busted back. It truly took up all my energy. I was exhausted – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I just KEPT TAPPING though, and I was utterly amazed at the discoveries I made, and the way I released the emotional charge around so many triggers in such a relatively short period of time. It was shocking…and exhilarating…and gave me great hope.

Did I mention that my back pain COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED?!!!

Finally!!! I had found my tool. It’s not that I don’t absolutely value and require yoga and meditation in my daily life – they are nonnegotiable, but...

Tapping worked for me in a way that nothing else did.

It was an efficient formula that worked systematically for me as I removed my subconscious blocks to transformation. I began to recognize my patterns more and interrupt my thoughts, releasing and replacing them with the help of tapping. I like strategic and procedural tools like EFT. They make sense to me.

I knew nothing about Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians, chi, or acupressure, but I knew that this peculiar-looking modality worked to calm my nervous system and give me clarity around my pushy emotions. I’ll admit it, I was one moody broad. I knew the value of equanimity and, believe it or not, it was always a huge goal of mine.

For those who aren’t sure what equanimity means, I’ll save you the Google search.

Equanimity is defined as “mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation”.

I learned about it at a Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat. I meditated often on the concept and tried my darnedest to practice it in my life, but my bully emotions kept pulling me off track.

I had gotten pretty fed up with being pushed around by my flippant moods and unpredictable feelings. I had the emotional maturity of a toddler, and it was time for me to outgrow my old belief structures and ways of being.

Tapping allowed me to see my emotions and traumas clearly, feel them fully, and integrate them lovingly. It helped me transform my confusion to clarity. I feel way more equipped to deal with life’s challenges, knowing that I have an OFF button for my stress and emotional triggers.

Though there are many one session wonders with EFT Tapping, I’ve found my progress to happen cumulatively and consistently. I tap whenever I'm triggered and at least once a week with a practitioner, and I’ve peeled back so many layers of my “Amanda onion”. I despise onions, so I’m not sure that I like those words together, but you catch my drift.

Are you ready to peel back the layers of your onion?
Onion Layers of Self-Discovery and Healing

  • Anyway, I’ve engaged in Inner Child work and listened to what my younger version needs, as I go about the process of re-parenting.

  • I’ve learned about the different parts of me that were formed in response to my traumas, and I’ve given them the opportunity to finally feel seen, heard, believed, and cherished.

  • I’ve taken deep dives into my Shadow, stared down my “demons” and shown them compassion as I’ve welcomed them back into this New, Whole Version of Sparkly Me.



The beautiful thing is that all the programs, courses, and books I purchased about the Law of Attraction and Abundance Manifestation FINALLY work, thanks to EFT Tapping!

Are you excited to see what EFT can do for you?
Shock & Awe & Gratitude for EFT

I’ve unblocked my subconscious limiting beliefs enough that I can actualize my highest self and manifest my biggest dreams without much doubt or hesitation.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a work in progress and always will be, but it’s getting easier. I have reclaimed my power and reset my life, and I’m proud to say that I genuinely believe that

~~~I am worthy~~~

of everything my heart desires.

And I shall have it. 😉


Neuroplasticity is a piece of cake with EFT, too…and THIS is my favorite part of tapping and the REASON that I became a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner.

It has everything to do with the Transformation Sequence used in Memory Re-consolidation as defined by Bruce Ecker. Get ready guys. I’m about to nerd out on you a little bit. Here’s the gist:

“From 1997 to 2000…a major breakthrough occurred in our understanding of how emotional memory works. Several studies by neuroscientists showed that the brain does come equipped with a key to those locked synapses after all."

This means…We are not STUCK!!! We have the capacity to rewrite our feelings about the past and create a new future through the subconscious mind.

Researchers triggered an emotional response in animals and found that they unlocked the place in the brain where triggers are stored. This allowed the emotional response to be rewritten, along with the behavioral responses it was driving.

In short, we have figured out how to literally rewire our brains and achieve lasting change by following a simple sequence. EFT Tapping utilizes this Transformation Sequence to create quick and permanent shifts in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Are you hopeful about your healing?
There is Hope for Healing and Transformation!


It was EVERYTHING for me. Remember, I was desperate to find a way out of my toxic and maladaptive patterns and habits?

Tapping allowed me to do this – and here’s how. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you :

The Transformation Sequence

1) In order to get the neural pathways firing for re-consolidation, we must expose ourselves to the event, emotion, or bodily sensation that reminds us of the limiting belief. We like to say that it’s good to remember “the first or the worst”, and the more vividly we can remember the event, the better.

This would feel next to impossible for me without tapping. The acupressure points send a signal to my brain that all is well, and it can chill out. This creates the safety for me to go deep into my past for thorough and complete healing. So, while following a prescribed order of tapping, we acknowledge the truth (exposure) of how we feel about a circumstance or situation. i.e., “I’m really upset that he showed up an hour late…” - and we really embody that feeling.

2) Once the pathways are fired up, we create a contradictory experience for the mind-body. The act of tapping on our meridian points accomplishes this, as well as the Acceptance Statement part of EFT’s Basic Recipe Sequence. In the Acceptance Statement, we tell another truth about the situation, and it’s the key to transformation, in my opinion.

Tapping requires that we at least BE OPEN to accepting how we feel about things. It understands the premise that

“what we resist, persists.”

So, the Acceptance Statement is essential for reprogramming our mind, re-consolidating our memories, and remembering our worth.

And it goes like this :

  • “I accept how I feel about this” or

  • “I’m willing to show myself compassion for how I feel” or

  • “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” or

  • anything you want to say that shows acceptance and compassion for your emotions.

3) In order to really lock in the new emotional perspective and retrain the neural pathways for the long-term, we need to expose ourselves to the feelings and accept them, while repeatedly tapping through the points and using other brain-hacks, such as eye movements and bilateral stimulation.

“Even though I’m really upset that he showed up an hour late, I accept how I feel about this."

This is the sequence used by neuroscientists to generate neuroplasticity, and it’s also the sequence used by Clinical EFT.

I’m here to tell you, it works.

It isn’t always easy, but it’s so rewarding and so empowering.


An added bonus of the Transformation Sequences is equanimity. The nervous system responds to tapping by calming down and regulating itself in the midst of difficult and potentially stressful events.

As we re-consolidate our memories, we liberate our emotions. We remember that the event happened, but it no longer triggers us in the same way – allowing us to respond wisely instead of reacting immaturely. Bruce Ecker explains,

”Neuroscientists have also shown that after a learned emotional response has been eliminated through the re-consolidation process, the individual still remembers the experiences in which the response was acquired—as well as the fact of having had the response—but the emotional response itself is no longer re-evoked by remembering those experiences.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like FREEDOM to me!

In what areas of your life do you need to wake up?
Emotional Freedom is For You!

It has truly changed my life. I feel equipped and empowered to handle absolutely anything that comes my way.

Does it mean that I don’t get triggered anymore. Pffft! Not even close. But, it means that I have enough separation (eventually) to see my projections and the areas in which I still need growth and healing.

And then, I get right on it! I have the tool. I have the resources. I have the support system. And I have the desire.


Now I use tapping on just about everything. From managing cravings to having difficult conversations, it ALWAYS works to calm me down and give me back my power.

I’m beyond grateful to the humans who figured it out and shared it with the population. It’s now my mission to spread joy and empowerment through emotional freedom – and

EFT Meridian Tapping is the way I plan to do it!!!

I can’t wait to show you what it can do for you.

Are you curious? Stay tuned for instructional vlogs and blogs.
C'mon! I'll show you how it's done.

I chose Tapping as one of my offerings to this world because it can be done without the assistance of a practitioner. I really didn’t like the idea of paying a therapist for the rest of my life, so I love that this tool is accessible to anyone at any time.

If you are sorting through some difficult emotions or traumas, however, I highly suggest finding a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner. They are trauma-informed and highly skilled at creating a safe space for you to explore your emotions. Once you learn the tool, though, it’s yours forever! You will always have the power and freedom to make the wise and equanimous choice, even in difficult situations.

Stay tuned for a full description of the process. I’ll show you the tapping points and walk you through the sequence. You deserve to feel nothing less than bliss in this life, and tapping can help you get there.

And if you're interested in reclaiming your power and resetting your life with EFT and more, I invite you to attend a Wake Up Weekend 4-day Intensive Retreat! Come experience a delicious synergy of EFT, yoga, and meditation in breathtaking locations with two experienced facilitators holding the space for you to wake up to your magnificence. Sounds juicy, right? It is! 😊

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