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Meet Kalyan Darshan

Kalyan Darshan/Jacinta began working in the healing arts in 2012 following a two decade+ career as a professional music artist.  Her spiritual nature, love of humanity, and desire to overcome that something that perpetuated ongoing depression and an inability to self-actualize, prompted studies in sound and energy healing, metaphysics and mysticism.

She studied with sound healing pioneers Jonathan Goldman, Eileen McKusick, and mantra legend, Krishna Das.  
She completed a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics and became an Usui Reiki Master and discovered the power of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga, also known as Yoga for the Aquarian Age, captured her imagination with its tremendous reservoir of powerful yogic quantum technologies for supporting humanity at this transformational time.  She teaches weekday morning classes online, and live at yoga studios, festivals and events.

Astrology has accompanied Kalyan Darshan along her journey.  She offers Cosmic Events, activating meditations for aligning lives with each New and Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox, and other notable high energy astrological occurrences.  

In her practice, Kalyan Darshan attracts clients that wish to heal themselves, their relationships, or are ready to begin the ultimate journey of authentic self-discovery.

As an intuitive practitioner, Kalyan’s sessions uniquely unfold. Sound healing instruments deeply relax and dissolve mind-body distortions. They create a sound current for receiving energetic and spiritual healing, as well as renewed and empowering ways of Being.  Further informed by the client's birth chart, revealing pertinent information to the underlying cause of pain and suffering and the nature of the shadow-self, she delivers sessions that are profoundly insightful and impactful right away.
Every client leaves their session with a personalized prescription that may include breathwork, meditation, mantra, and or yoga practices, journaling prompts, and life-style tips.

Jacinta Brondgeest/ Kalyan Darshan holds a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology, a Bachelor of Metaphysics, and is an ordained minister with the International Ministry of Metaphysics, officiating marriages and performing divine ceremonies.  She has 5 Billboard hits and many self-penned songs synced in film, games, and TV, but today plays with the rhythm of nature and the human heart, offering Mantra Meditations at transformational festivals and gatherings.

My passions lie where science and spirituality intersect, sound and mantra, metaphysics, astrology, mind-body and vibrational-medicine, neuroscience, energy psychology, and numerology. I am committed to being in service to the conscious awakening of humanity as we enter the Age of Aquarius as a transformational facilitator and teacher, providing safe spaces for self realization and expanding consciousness.   Kalyan Darshan aka Jacinta

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Education, Training & Teachers

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2, Conscious Communications
Kundalini Research Institute - Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa & Awtar Kaur Khalsa


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1
Kundalini Research Institute - Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa


Meridian Yoga Technique

Science Of Self MYT - Rose Erin Vaughan


Ordained Minister

International Metaphysical Ministry

Metaphysical Ministerial Bachelors Degree
University of Metaphysics Sedona - Dr. Paul Leon Masters


Jonathan Goldman (Healing Sounds)

Eileen McKusick. (Tuning the Human Biofield)

Krishna Das - (A journey to the heart through sacred chants)

Bachelor of Science (Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology)
University of Queensland, Australia.

Contact Kalyan Darshan

I love hearing from women like you who have embarked upon the journey. 

Feel free to reach out, and tell me about yours.

+1 832-463-1187

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