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Wake Up Weekend

Wake Up Weekend

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Our Passion

Our Passion is seeing women wake up to their power and expand into their full potential.

We have selected tools and practices that have worked time and time again to expedite the process of healing, transformation and expansion. 

It is our mission to share them with women who are ready to shine, creating a global women’s circle for Radiant Living.

More than ever before, the world needs your unique gifts.  With our guidance and support, we intend for you not to leave with them still inside you.

Awaken with

Awaken with


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Meditation & Mantra
Pranayama / Breathwork





Emotional Freedom Techniques
Energy Psychology
Somatic Integration

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Law of Attraction
Neuroscience & Epigenetics
Energetic Alignment
Magnetism & Abundance



Wake Up Weekend - Heal, Transform, Expand.png

Our Philosophy

Everything Can Heal

Everything is energy and in a state of vibration, capable of shifting and transforming.  As you heal, you reclaim and integrate the energies that negative patterns and unsupportive thought-forms had required to exist. 

This liberated energy can be redirected for a much greater purpose, materializing our desires and dreams.

Courageous Liberation

Lasting change requires honesty, courage and personal integrity. Reclaim your power by discovering your patterns and decide to take aligned action toward creating new, empowered routines and mindsets.

Law of Attraction

The most effective way to live in the infinite flow of abundance is to align your frequency with what you desire.  

By re-imagining yourself, already prospering, already healthy, happy, or whatever your dream or goals is, along with embodying the feelings, the Universe collaborates with you for their fulfillment.

Mind-Body Connection

Unprocessed issues can live in the body and can be the underlying cause of chronic pain, depression, addiction and other unhealthy habits. And so through the body, the mind can be healed. 

In the same way, a healthy mind supports a healthy body.

Radiant Living

Radical Responsibility, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love.

Cultivating these qualities are highly effective for lightening your load, opening your heart and living joyfully and radiantly.

Image by Nicole Giampietro
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