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Hey Love!

Hey Love!

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About Us

Welcome!  We are so glad you have found us, and we look forward to taking you on a remarkable and amazing journey to abundance and radiant living.


We have been treasured friends for more than a decade and have manifested a soulful sisterhood, filled with love, built on respect. 


We are completely free to be our authentic selves, sharing our struggles, our triumphs, and championing one another through it all.

By encouraging healthy, life-affirming habits, we inspire each other to be our best selves daily. 

As we both love eating fresh, plant-based meals, we thrive in the kitchen and derive great joy from preparing nutritious food for ourselves and our fellow Soul Sisters. 

When it comes to accomplishing goals, we hold each other accountable, and shine kindness and compassion at every opportunity.

By exchanging healing energy with one another through yoga, meditation, and so much more, we expand each others’ sense of love, joy, abundance, peace, hope and courage.


We have put our hearts and heads together to create this women's wellness retreat, packed full of our unique and groundbreaking approach to energy healing and manifestation…

Just For You!

Through our own experiences, we have developed a real understanding of what works for women who are ready for radical and lasting transformation. 

We have only selected tools that actually work, and we've organized them in a clear and concise way so that they build upon one another for a smoother and more efficient transition into your bigger and better life. 

We are THRILLED to invite you on this women's healing retreat and into this soulful sisterhood to share our unconditional love frequency with you!

Join us on this journey into and through your patterns and limiting beliefs, and then onward and upward to your very best self. 

In Love,
Kalyan & Amanda


I’ve been to therapy, talked to friends, journaled and meditated but still, there were painful thorns I could not reach. Amanda helped me find them and helped me gently pull them out.

I had no idea I would burst into tears like that with no shame or restriction. She embraced my tears with love and her sweet, soothing voice and words put a balm on wounds that continue to heal.

She reassured me that my feelings were normal in response to my circumstances, and this has made acceptance easier to swallow.


And she made me laugh. Easy, natural and a soft place to land, talking to Amanda was like talking to a best friend or a nurturing sister or a mom you run to when things are too much. She not only gave me room to express myself, I felt she listened AND heard and acknowledged my pain. The whole session felt like one big hug.


Only after we finished did I realize she knew exactly how to guide me to open up and share things I had buried deep inside and rarely dared to visit. She held my hand and we confronted the bruises and the bruisers together in a way that made me feel powerful. I had lost my strength and she helped me find it.


She is gifted, graceful, and a joy - a person I would trust to help me, in a way I can’t with anyone else, with all of the hurdles and challenges life can bring.

Mina M

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Amanda Wonderland

Worth & Wellness Coach

Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapies

Certified Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Kalyan Darshan

Transformation Facilitator

Certified Kundalini & Meridian Yoga Teacher

Certified Bio Field Tuning Practitioner, Astrologer, Mantra & Meditation Guide

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